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W. G. Chamberlain #240. Prospectors tent on Hoosier Pass  South Park and Mt. Lincoln series.  In the shadow of Mt. Lincoln slumber Mt. Bross, and like its mighty neighbor. Seamed with the richest ores indeed the whole rim of the park is lined in mineral belts of great richness.




Prospectors camp Alexander Martin #2903





No. 53 J. Collier Boulder series  near the falls.  "The granite walls of the canyon in this vicinity are stranglely seamed and ribbed by irregular crystalization, presenting many grotesque figures." Colliers own camp.






Town site of Lulu located in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado. The settlement was abandoned shortly after it began.




Ute Indian Encampment in Middle Park Colorado





Miner's camp at Red Cliff - Example of a Civil War dog tent.




Manitou and vicinity No 90.  J. Thurlow photographer.  Camping in Colorado




Miners snowed in Quartz Creek Colorado   - W. H. Jackson photographer





Hot Sulpher Springs outpost in the background, Fly fisherman in the foreground.





Prospector's at Hot Sulpher Springs Drinking the hot mineral water from a teapot.




Hot Sulpher Springs outpost - W.G. Chamberlain photographer. The springs are situated on the Grand about 10 miles above the foot of the park.  The water is clear, has a temperature of 110 degrees and a distinct sulphurous odor is perceptible.  They possess valuable medicinal qualities which are becoming duly appreciated.  Notice the United States of America flag ghosted in the top center of the image created by the slow shutter speed of the early camera.




T.E. Barnhouse Lake City Colorado - Miner's Groceries






Miners at Sneffles




Miner's shave  - Alexander Martin photographer




Leadville Land rush boom Alexander Martin photographer. Roderick Sterling Owen. For sale in Leadville. "Speculation ran rife in everything, town lots, bought for a trifle in the year previous, sold frequently for thousands each in 1879. Within 24 hours lots could be resold at a price more than double what the purchaser had just paid for the lot.  Digging Gold Among the Rockies.  1880, G. Thomas Ingham.




Chambers Lake, Colorado - Small mining and lumber camp.





Mining camp Denver







T.C. Miller Alma Colorado. - The photographer captured this image in the development of the settlement of Montgomery. Under harsh winter conditions in an extremely remote location for the time the image was created.






Red Cliff - First building in Red Cliff blacksmith shop. The services of the blacksmith were in high demand by the miners. To make and repair the miners picks, shovels, chisels, drill steels, and later the mine operations larger equipment ore buckets and ore cars.






J. Collier #12  Montezuma , located in 1865 situated on the Snake River, about six miles down and west from the summit of the great divide backbone of the continent.  The foreground gives the only hotel of the place primitive, but comfortable. in the distant background is the Teller Mountain named from H. M. Teller, of Central City, rears its lofty head.  Many rich silver mines have been found upon it. The picture is looking up stream.





Hotel at the base of Gray's peak




Kilburn #5507  A group of burros packed to the teeth with mine supplies. Note the large flag pole in the background. Main street Ouray, Colorado





Nevadaville Colorado





Charles Weitfle. No. 24 Mining town in the mountains Black Hawk Colorado C. 1878 - Throughout the length and breadth of the Rocky Mountains it is not an uncommon sight to see a little mining town such as this one. Many of these mining camps are less substantial than the one shown here.







Charles Weitfle #10.5 Prof. Hills Works Boston and Colorado Gold and Silver  Smelting Company, in Black Hawk.  The city of Black Hawk is in point of wealth and industry, one of the greatest in the state.  It is covered with mines, stamp mills, and here also are located the Boston and Colorado Smelting Works.  Employing nearly 300 men.  This city is surrounded by some of the grandest scenery in the world.  The Colorado Central Railroad passes through, over and around the city on its way to Central City from Denver, 39 miles distant. Altitude, 8,800 feet.






Black Hawk Colorado Central Railroad Trestle Colorado - Charles Weitfle photographer #25.  The Black Hawk Railroad Trestle. The following is a description of the ride on the train to Central City from F. Fossett's book titled Colorado, Its Gold and Silver Mines. " At one place the streets are crossed above the level of the housetops, and at another, circling the mountain sides for two miles the train makes its appearance hugging the mountainside hundreds of feet above, and almost directly over the town.  One can almost look down into the fiery chimneys of the great smelters, while streets rise above, and seemingly bottomless shafts and excavations yawn beneath in this thrilling ride among the gold mines."





Central City, Colorado   J. Collier Photographer #34




Eureka and Lawrence ST. at Teller House Central City - Charles Weitfle Photographer




1860 Georgetown Colorado Territory - W.G. Chamberlain Photographer






W. G. Chamberlain Georgetown and Vicinity.  Georgetown, is the capital of Clear Creek County, and center of the chief silver region of Colorado. It is situated on South Clear Creek 9 miles from the snowy range, At an altitude of 8412 feet.  The location is peculiar, being almost surrounded by lofty mountains rising abruptly 1500 feet. In the vicinity, are many attractions for tourist and seekers of pleasure; the Gorge and "devils Gate" half a mile distant. Green Lake, 3 miles, Burleigh tunnel, Terrible mine, Brownville, Silver Plume & Empire, 3 to 4 miles, Argentine Pass 9, Grey's Peak 12 Miles. Visitors to this peak will find good accommodations at Kelso Cabin, 3 miles from the summit. Distance from Denver to Georgetown via Colorado Central Railroad, 48 miles.




Leadville Colorado, Harrison Ave.




Leadville, Colorado J.M. Philips long tent had rotating 8 hr shifts for 1$ a bunk during the mining boom. - George Wakely photographer





Cripple Creek after the fire.





Manitou and vicinity No 57.  J. Thurlow photographer. Residence of General J. Palmer - Glen Eyrie





 The first US Denver Mint, Circa 1860s. The Clark, Gruber and Co. building was expanded and distinguished by a new tower. In its days as a private mint, inside this building were produced many coins.





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